Kevin Morris’s favourite course at Fota Island Resort

March 12, 2010

Kevin’s favourite course to test his game is currently the Belvelly course. The Belvelly course can boast the toughest opening four holes in the country, it is a Par 72 course stretching over 7121 yards from the championship tees, includes the new nine-hole layout also developed by Jeff Howes.

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Bitter sweet times at Fota Island Resort

March 11, 2010

Hey all, I’m sure by now many of you may have heard the news that Fota Island Resort is now under the control of the state owned Anglo Irish Bank. In the coming months we will be working closely with the receiver from Anglo Irish to maintain the high standard…

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Post treatment tips from the Fota Island Spa

March 10, 2010

Nicola one of the Spa supervisors here at Fota Island Luxury Spa Resort in Ireland has come up with a few post-treatment tips to help get the most out of your treatments.

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Advice from Fota Island Golf Pro Shop

March 8, 2010

Kevin Moris and the team here at Fota Island Golf Pro-Shop think that this is a good time to get custom fit for your clubs.

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What to think about before coming to the Spa

March 3, 2010

Pre-treatment tips from Fota Island Spa Cork: Drink plenty of water before you come to the spa for your treatment. This will ensure the body is hydrated.

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Executive Chef Neil Foster’s guidelines to successful cooking experiences

March 1, 2010

Before you begin cooking at home our Executive Chef Neil Foster offers some useful easy to follow guidelines to help make the experience more enjoyable and the outcome that bit more successful.

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Kevin Morris on Fota Island Golf Facilities

February 26, 2010

Kevin Morris advises us to get a lesson to kick the year off on a positive note, Fota Island Golf Academy offer a wide variety of packages to cater for all needs.

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Etiquette for the Spa! If your not so sure whats ok or not

February 24, 2010

Fota Island Spa Etiquette If you’ve never been to a Spa before, don’t let that stop you! I know some people can be nervous or worry about not knowing procedures or decorum so to help with this we have prepared the following information for you. It’s nothing you wouldn’t already…

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More tips from Chef Neil Foster

February 23, 2010

Following on from our last blog from the kitchens at Fota Island Hotel Restaurants Cork here are a few more tips to make life that little bit easier in the kitchen. Thanks to executive chef Neil Foster for helping us out.  Hope these tips are useful 🙂

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Swimming at Fota Island Spa

February 15, 2010

Marc Sanquest the resident fitness instructor at Fota Island Spa and Fitness suite regards swimming as one of the best ways to exercise the body with as little impact possible. It’s also fun! Marc has provided the following information.

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Kevins tips to check your golf equipment

February 12, 2010

Since it’s the start of the year check your equipment

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Skin Toning with the team at Fota Island Spa

February 10, 2010

January is a month all about detoxifying the body, losing weight and toning. With this in mind the girls in Fota Island Spa Cork have come up with a selection of products from the Mama Mio range to help out in this area. A lot of celebrities are big fans…

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