Before you begin cooking at home our Executive Chef Neil Foster offers some useful easy to follow guidelines to help make the experience more enjoyable and the outcome that bit more successful.

Hygiene! Hygiene! Hygiene! It’s still one of the most vital areas in food preparation and is usually were people can fall down. Wash your hands, wash your vegetables, and don’t cross contaminate meat and vegetables with knives etc… I have just recently completed a HACCP course and one of the more interesting things I took from the day was that in order to thoroughly wash your hands you must wash then for at least 18 seconds under warm soapy water and don’t forget to include your wrists.

Planning your recipe can ensure hassle free cooking and a tastier less stressful cooking experience. Take a look over your recipe 24hours before you begin cooking. This way you can be sure you have all the necessary ingredients and tools required in preparation. Planning can lead to success in your desired aims for the dish.

Check your equipment; make sure that its all in working order. Sharpen or replace old knives if necessary. Chef advises that each kitchen needs to have at least four good knives, these should include a vegetable knife, a chopping knife, a fish knife, and a good speed peeler is always handy to have.

Happy cooking!!!