January can be a tough month for the body. Recovering from the Christmas and New Year’s festive season can really take it out of you. I’m sure many of us have made the usual new years resolutions, get more excersise, eat better, and lose that unwanted weight. Easier said than done! One way that can prove successful is to set yourself realistic targets! And mile stone point to measure your progress along the way.

What I would suggest to help take the edge off of your routine, whether you’re sticking to it or not 😉 would be to add in some treats for yourself. Treats that will keep your body and mind refreshed and relaxed. I would suggest that you couldn’t do any better than some pampering Spa treatments.

To this end I got onto Nicola Kinnerk, one of our Spa supervisors here at Fota Island Spa Hotel Cork. Nicola says that she would recommend a refreshing detoxifying green tea bath and green tea wrap as an excellent complementary treatment to your excersise routine. The detoxifying green tea bath will help remove the build up of toxins in the body. By detoxifying you are supporting the harmony of body, mind and soul. Which lets face it we could all do with right about now!

Nicola says the green tea wrap also has a slimming affect on the body so it may just help out with one of those resolutions! The green tea wrap increases your metabolic rate which is a proven way to succeed in loosing excess body fat.

This method however is not the easy way out, Nicola reminds me that as well as the green tea bath and green tea wrap you need to drink green tea and continue to exercise three to four times a week in order to achieve your goals.

Keep an eye on next week’s blog from the spa for useful methods of detoxifying the body.

If you have any questions or want anything clarified please ask and I’ll find out for you.

John O’Connell