Marc Sanquest the resident fitness instructor at Fota Island Spa and Fitness suite regards swimming as one of the best ways to exercise the body with as little impact possible. It’s also fun! Marc has provided the following information.

•    Uses all major muscles groups

•    Improves cardio vascular fitness

•    Less chance of any injury

•    No stress on the joints

•    Relieves everyday stress

•    Weight loss

•    It is great for all ages

•    Safety, Safety, Safety

•    Make sure that the child ENJOYS swimming

•    Build comfort and confidence in the pool

•    Start the child in the kiddies pool and play in the water and then get them on their front and get them to kick their legs and also on their back and kick and splash their legs

•    Blowing bubbles with their face in the water – play games to make it fun

•    Introduce to the big pool for a short while and then back to the kiddies pool

•    Then after a few sessions in the pool get the child to do the two things together i.e. kick and blow bubbles at the same time. Reward with fun games after they have tried their best.

Triathlon swimming with Fota Island is starting in March if anyone is interested read on!!

Swimming is one of the Triathlon disciplines and is a head start on your race day!!! Classes Cover:
•    Front Crawl – Breakdown of stroke to each aspect of the stroke, and then putting it all together at the end

•    Drill Sessions / Technique

•    Fitness in the Water – i.e. a warm up, short stretch, the main item of the training session and then a swim down

•    A record take of distance done in each session

•    Advise on inter-lessons drills to practice

•    Also covering back crawl and breast stroke

•    Motivation and advice on diet and training

•    Tailor made sessions for swimmer to do on their own

Any questions ask Marc in the Spa who is always about the fitness suite and pool area.