Fota Island Spa Etiquette
If you’ve never been to a Spa before, don’t let that stop you! I know some people can be nervous or worry about not knowing procedures or decorum so to help with this we have prepared the following information for you. It’s nothing you wouldn’t already have known but sometimes we just need to see it in front of us to put us at ease.

Minimum Age

To maintain a peaceful environment, children under 18 years are not permitted in the Spa, except for the allocated children’s swimming times

Swimwear is mandatory in the communal suites and pool area.

Spa Etiquette
To preserve the harmony within the Spa kindly turn off your mobile phone

Meeting your needs
Upon your arrival at Fota Island Spa Hotel Cork, your receptionist will conduct a brief consultation to ensure that you experience treatments best suited to your needs. Please advise the receptionist if you are pregnant or have any health issues which could affect your treatment when making your reservation. Our receptionists are experienced in all treatments and would be delighted to assist you in planning a Spa program. You are encouraged to arrive at least thirty minutes prior to your appointment to enjoy the exclusive facilities at the Fota Island Spa.

Preparing for your treatment
For ladies, no preparation is necessary. Turn up and enjoy! For men we recommend shaving prior to having a facial for maximum comfort and benefit to the skin, other Spa treatments require no preparation.

Your privacy will be protected at all times. Your therapist will ensure that you are draped with towels, covering all parts of the body not being treated.

Keep an eye on next weeks blog from the Spa for advice on things you can do (before and after) to get the most from your treatment.

John O’Connell @ Fota