The programme ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ has only recently started on Irish television; however it is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most-loved shows. Yet I question whether or not I could ever have enough faith in letting the groom plan my wedding. Perhaps I am a little biased however. Being the typical girl I have had many daydreams about my big day. The dress, the cake, the presents, the church and all of the finer details are usually planned down to a tee by every bride.

Some might argue that it is worth receiving the €10,000 offered to the couple to spend on their wedding day. Don’t get me wrong, I would be very tempted! But is it worth the impending disaster that so often happens??

Let’s just face it…things do go wrong! ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ has proved that through and through. Common disasters on this show include; the bride not fitting into her wedding dress, the groom spending a sizeable chunk of the budget on the stag night, and various friends and family members failing to receive invites. Indeed the most recent episode, which was based in Cork, had viewers cringing while the groom speculated over where he would find room for a large bouncing castle within the reception venue!

Part of me also has some respect for the grooms however. Not when they blow the entire budget, but when it comes to details such as the bride and bridesmaid’s dresses. To see the groom floundering when faced with the prospect of choosing the most important detail of the whole wedding can be comical to say the least! However, I feel that some credit is due to these men who brave a trip to the bridal shop only to find themselves discussing such things as dress size, fabric and diamante detail!

Nonetheless, I do not think that I could hand over my wedding day to my groom. Of course the groom should be involved in all decisions, but planning the entire event is a different matter altogether. Perhaps I am just an old traditionalist, but I really believe that a girl’s wedding day will always hold a special place in her heart, so why risk anything going wrong?