When it comes to a business hosting a conference, seminar, client meeting or training event finding the right conference venue and location that suits your business groups individual needs is key to having a successful and memorable business event. And choosing the right venue for any of your many business events is all down to a number of factors.

First of all consider location. You need to think about the logistics of getting there, not only for you but for all your work colleagues and business associates, therefore choosing a venue or hotel with access to free parking and located with immediate proximity to all the main traffic routes, road, rail, sea and air is a top priority. Indoor the place should come with all the most modern and up to date conference facilities with free Wi-Fi available in every room. The conference rooms themselves should ideally have the latest audio-visual and IT technologies as well as a business centre with administrator and secretarial services for all your business needs.

Another key point when selecting conference or meeting rooms is the size. Too big and it could be seen as excessive expenditure and energy, too small and it can get crowded and uncomfortable. So consider the size of the room you require for your business event. Do you need a large theatre room for large presentations that can be cordoned off for training events or a smaller more intimate room for private meetings and conference calls? And for many business events such as product launches and client meetings you need to think of the company image you want to present to business colleagues and potential new clients. Do you want to portray your business as austere and traditional, or modern and trendsetting?

Also consider your colleagues other needs outside of the business meeting or conference event. If they are travelling from far and wide they may need to stay there overnight so maybe look at a hotel for your conference. And a meeting room/conference venue should be located in a quiet section of the building with access to food and drink facilities for mid morning or lunchtime breaks and post business lunch. Again a hotel with business rooms situated close to their restaurants, bars and lounge areas help solve the issue. Finally consider venues where there are many recreational and entertainment facilities that offer people a break from the days business event. Hotels with spas, health and leisure centres are a bonus as well as are ones situated in scenic surrounds with access to golf courses and, as the finest hotel near Midleton, explore local attractions as they offer the visiting business attendees a chance to let off steam, relax and enjoy their stay post conference.

When organising a business event and looking for a suitable conference/business venue, it is clear that hotels therefore offer some of the best options. The beauty of organising a conference or business event in 5 star luxury hotels such as Fota Island Resort is multi-fold. First of all we offer top class modern business room facilities and administrative services that can be specifically catered to any business group. Our lounges, bars and restaurants in Cork are located conveniently close to our business rooms for breaks and some impromptu snacks and refreshments or even our renowned Afternoon Tea from the Amber Lounge. And you are guaranteed a professional service be it administrative or catering (providing tea, coffee and snacks during the meeting) in all areas that is specific to your groups needs. And lastly like many of the top notch luxury hotels, Fota is set in a scenic location just outside of Cork city with ample parking and immediate access to all of cork citys main trade routes (motorway, railway, Cork harbour and the airport) and comes with a range of recreational and entertainment options for the visiting business groups

And Fota has one other great benefit, a choice of two separate business locations at either the luxury golf hotel itself or the Clubhouse overlooking our internationally acclaimed Cork Golf Club. In our luxury hotel one has a choice of different sized meeting rooms and conference venues on the ground floor all conveniently situated close to our celebrated tearooms, our Amber Lounge and bar, perfect for tea/coffee breaks and post conference lunch and networking opportunities. Alternatively if one wants to be situated closer to the scenic surrounds of the golf course, which provides a great post conference leisure pursuit and a team building exercise for the whole group to enjoy afterwards, our clubhouse comes with two conference/meeting rooms for your convenience as well as the famed Spike Bar providing post conference food and drink options. Alternatively, as one of the leading spa hotels in Ireland attendees can avail of the fabulous range of spa treatments and world class facilities to rejuvenate both the body and mind.

With such a selection of meeting rooms in such a scenic location and with a wide range of entertainment and leisure facilities, by choosing a 5 star Cork Hotel such as Fota Island Resort for your business, your colleagues will get a conference/business event with that little something extra. Plus they will have ample opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves after a busy day, helping to make the conference all that more enjoyable and memorable for all involved, all of which can make our Hotel and Resort an attractive option for all manner of business conferences and the events.