Organising family hotel breaks and vacations can often be a little daunting. Not only do you have to consider the holiday needs of yourself and your partner but you also have to factor in the needs of your respective children of all ages and decide on a suitable holiday option that will keep everyone happy and content. So when choosing a location and suitable accommodation for ones family holiday it is wise to first consider the needs of ones individual family and ask yourself what you want everyone to get from the hotel breaks and family vacations.

For instance do you want a relaxing break for you and your partner to enjoy with alternative and separate holiday options such as summer camps or family activities to keep the children happy? Or does an active and/or sporting holiday that gets all the members of the family working together spring to mind? Or do you want everyone to spend days learning about local history, myth and beyond with a series of educational and informative tours of the chosen region taking in visits to family friendly attractions and venues? Not sure, then consider that for many a great family holiday is often comprised of a mix of everything with informative and educational sights to educate and inform the young and the old as well as days taking part in a variety of fun group activities and sports that get the adrenaline going and everyone involved with ample opportunities for the adults to relax whilst the children are otherwise occupied.

Fota Island near Cork City, IrelandSo with that mind, when choosing a venue and location for ones holiday it may be worthwhile to check out the many visitor attractions and family friendly things to do in the region beforehand making sure there is a good mix of exciting and invaluable things to do and see for all. One should also checkout the childcare and child friendly facilities of ones accommodation options, some hotels and self catering accommodation nowadays provide a range of child and family friendly extra services and facilities such as playrooms, summer activity camps as well as special swimming and sports lessons for children of different age groups. As well as that many hotels offer a selection of vacation packages that include a range of extra services and facilities they can provide coupled with discount trips to local and tourist attractions close to them: a good arrangement for families stuck for ideas and wanting a simple but pre-arranged and tried and tested itinerary that covers all angles.

With many hotels and self catering cottages in Ireland, our own 5 star hotel and resort here in Fota island included, nowadays being situated in lush and scenic locations with immediate access to a variety of on-site sporting facilities such as a championship Cork golf club, tennis courts, swimming pools and as well as luxury extra such as relaxing spa breaks, great fine dining options and excellent personal service, booking a holiday that satisfies all members of the family can be easy. A well chosen holiday accommodation be it a hotel or a self catering cottage is not only a base in which to stay during a week spent visiting local and nearby visitor attractions, events and shows but often times it is a venue and holiday destination in itself providing alternative indoor and outdoor holiday activities and attractions to its guests for those days when one wants a respite from driving around.

And at Fota Island Resort, taking the many needs of guest’s into account, we do our best to provide a variety of holiday options, special vacation packages and hotel deals in Cork for all our guests no matter what their group size or individual needs. Families can note that during the summer months in particular (from June 31st to August 31st) we have many vacation packages and a variety of different summer camps catering to children of different ages that should help make ones family vacation all the more easier and memorable for all. Not only that but year round we offer a number of family and child friendly hotel services and facilities to help make a hotel stay relaxing and fun for all family members, from children right up to grown-ups.

And aside from our many onsite camps, being located close to the family friendly attractions of Fota Wildlife Park and the many family friendly delights of Cork City (visitor attractions) and East Cork (beaches, scenery and various visitor attractions) means that our hotel near Cork offers holidaymakers a range of alternative options to add to their family holiday itinerary, many of which may be included in a family vacation package during a stay at our hotel. Check out www.fotaisland.ie for more details.

So whether one is looking for a relaxing holiday that gives your children a chance to get to grips with our many on-site activity camps, or offers them a chance to have some golf lessons and tennis and swim on our hotel grounds and facilities whilst you and your partner relax over an adult game of golf or a romantic dinner. Or you want the whole family to engage in a family tournament of golf or tennis before later relaxing over a family dinner in our ever popular restaurant in Cork. Or alternatively, you see our hotel as a luxury base in which to relax and settle in during the time you and the family aren’t taking in the stunning scenery of Fota Island, spending a day at the family friendly local attractions in Cork which includes the neighbouring wildlife park, or taking a family trip to the beaches and sleepy towns of East Cork. Whatever your idea of a family holiday may be, a stay at our Fota Island Resort will provide you and your family with plenty of options and amble opportunity for a holiday that will cater to every member of the family ultimately helping to make the planning and arrangement of a family vacation altogether easier and stress free.