It’s not as easy as you think!

Fota Island Resort’s Facebook page is reaching nearly 20,000 followers – which is a great accomplishment! Regularly updating interesting and useful content has made our Facebook page into a great success.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an entirely different social media outlet. It is a platform where professionals connect with each other– whether they are actively looking for a new career path or they are recruiting someone for a company.

Where do company pages on LinkedIn fit into all of this? They are used by companies to share up to date information and also to post job vacancies and engage with people who follow them. Followers of company pages see live feeds on their home page containing all of these updates. So increasing the number of followers on your LinkedIn company page is essential.

There are a number of steps which I have found useful in increasing the number of followers on Fota Island Resort’s LinkedIn company page. One method in particular has been sharing updates and advice on our company page. Such updates include golfing advice, beauty and skincare advice from our Spa Therapists and fitness advice from one of our Fitness Instructors’ –  Kadi. When posting these updates I always make sure to include a picture that compliments the information.  I have also featured a link to Fota Island Resorts‘ LinkedIn account on Facebook and encouraged our followers to join us on LinkedIn also. All these steps increase engagement with all the connections of Fota Island Resort on LinkedIn.

Next week I will share some tips on how to interact with Group discussions on LinkedIn.