That’s it… my work placement has reached its conclusion. These three months here at Fota Island Five Stars Resort Ireland have allowed me to learn and discover lots of things. Firstly from an educational perspective and also because I have met a lot of people and I could discover an important part of the Irish culture and heritage located around the city of Cork.

Last weekend I went to visit the Cork City Gaol which was really worth it! The visit lasted approximately one hour and you can choose between either head piece to hear the comments or read from a leaflet. Scenes of the past are recreated with human size mannequins to better imagine how things were before.

I also went to see something typically Irish: a greyhound race! In Curraheen Park in the western suburbs of Cork City. That was the first time for me and I was delighted to go along. I also bet but unfortunately I was not lucky this time!

Going back to my work placement I can say that all the people here in Fota Island Resort have always been very kind and helpful with me.  To end with my last blog I wanted to speak about Irish stereotypes as I started my first blog with that topic. So please have a look at this picture.

  • Indeed Irish people definitely don’t drink green beer! The popular beers here are rather Murphy’s, Beamish and Guinness!
  • In regard to the 2nd image, from my experience I have never seen any Irish men fighting during my stay.
  • All Irish people don’t have freckles! Of course..
  • For the potatoes it would be an understatement to say that Irish people don’t like to eat them. Potatoes come in all shapes and sizes in Ireland!
  • Irish people are certainly not Leprechauns and they don’t wear that kind of hat except to support their football team!
  • And no, don’t worry if you go shopping in Ireland you won’t just find tweed and wool for the clothes! They have a lot’s of shops and in Ireland you can also go shopping on a Sunday!
  • And don’t worry for the phrase: “Will beat the crap out of anyone”, Irish people are very friendly and they will rather speak to you or offering you a pint rather that annoying you.
  • Finally I can safely say that most of those Irish stereotypes are incorrect!

Overall I can safely say that I was very happy to have worked here and it was a very nice and interesting experience over the past few months!