Ireland’s longest serving Olympian and native Corkonian Rob Heffernan has become a familiar face on the grounds of Fota Island Resort over recent years as he prepares for his fifth Olympic Games in Rio this summer. Rob featured in a short film commissioned by Nissan to provide an insight into the level of sacrifice and dedication Ireland’s Olympian’s put into achieving glory on the ultimate stage.

The short film series entitled ‘Be All You Can Be‘ reveals a candid insight into what it takes to succeed at the top flight of sport and the motivating factors behind Rob’s final bid to win a gold medal at his last Olympic Games, with stunning footage of his rigorous training regime shot at the five star Fota Island Resort in Ireland.

The Cork born race walker was recently awarded the Bronze medal from the 50km walk at the 2012 Olympic Games in London following the elimination of the winning Russian athlete Sergey Kirdyapkin who failed a doping test. Heffernan who finished fourth, was automatically upgraded to bronze as Kirdyapkin’s ban now covers that period of the Olympics.

The former world champion and his wife and coach Marian, who also represented Ireland at the London 2012, have embarked on a unique journey to achieve their Olympic dream while balancing life as parents to four young children. The couple have become familiar faces on the grounds of Fota Island and have also been spotted recovering in our hotel close to Cork following their training exertions.

Other Nissan ambassadors to feature in the series of short films include Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe, brothers Paul and Gary O’Donovan, Jenny Egan, Monika Dukarska and Catherine McManus as they prepare for Rio 2016