I next turned my attention to my own personal LinkedIn account. First I updated my LinkedIn profile to show that I am working in Fota Island Resort as a Marketing Associate and once I have a bit more time to spare I will add more up to date details!

Second, I made my way to the company page on LinkedIn and after searching for ages, I could not find out how I was able to update it. No answers were appearing in the Help Section of LinkedIn, so it was Google to the rescue! I typed in my entire question – how do I update my company page on LinkedIn? – and finally I got my answer (for information: it is in the LinkedIn help section – which was strange as I could not find the answer here) and was told that to make changes I needed to be an administrator.

So how do you become an Administrator! Well here is where it gets interesting – because I had not set up the company page, I had to get the other administrators to add me as an administrator. After much tracking down, I found out that it was in fact my manager who was the administrator and he was able to add me. Again, Google searching – How do I add other administrators to my LinkedIn company page – I found the answer and the step by step instructions which I sent to my manager for action.

Finally I am an administrator and was able to start updating the Fota Island Resort company page, which others in your network can see you doing, and that has resulted in an unprecedented increase of individuals on LinkedIn who have sent me invitations to connect!

Next week I will give advice on what you can actually create on your company page!