For most couples, planning your wedding can be a process. Ticking items of the list as you go, from the dress to the rings to your suppliers. The experienced wedding team at Fota have created a list of reasons to show the benefits of having your photographs close to your venue or even better onsite!


  • Time- On your wedding day you will want to spend as little amount of time in the car as possible! As a newly married couple you will be looking forward to spending time with friends and family celebrating. This way you are saving on the travel time and can grab some of your close friends for photographs also!
  • Daylight- While winter weddings and festive weddings are beautiful, beating daylight can always be a concern for this time of the year. Taking advantage of photographs onsite of your venue can really help with ensuring you get as much daylight as possible.
  • Weather- Ireland is not always the most reliable for weather unfortunately so having the option of taking your photographs onsite will allow you to arrive at the venue and head into your arrival reception if raining and head for photographs when it stops or alternatively, take advantage of some inside photo opportunities.

At Fota Island Resort, we are very lucky to be surrounded by 710 Acres of beautiful, well-maintained gardens and landscape. Our Oriental Gardens and stunning backdrop of the island provides endless opportunities for newlyweds to capture those special first photographs.