Trying to increase your company page followers even more on LinkedIn? I have found that getting involved in group discussions is another way to increase followers. When you join a group you are able to contribute with those who have posted questions. It is a great idea that when you are choosing groups to follow on LinkedIn that they are in your areas of industry – for Fota Island Spa I have joined a Spa industry group and for the Golf Club I have joined a number of golf industry groups.

For example, after joining a fitness group on LinkedIn I got involved in a Fitness group discussion where I responded to a members query on what are the best social media platforms to promote their new fitness classes at their gym. I was able to engage in this discussion because of my experience of working with Fota Fitness. The one thing I have found when joining in discussions is that you are posting as yourself – not as Fota Island Resort. If you were able to post using your company logo I feel it would generate a lot more interest among those in your group and so increase your followers.

I hope that everything I have been posting over the last few weeks has helped to get your company page started and the number of followers increased! Increasing followers is a long and continuous journey – over the space of a month I have increased the number of Fota Island Resort’s followers by 50 or more. This may seem small, but trust me when it comes to LinkedIn it is a huge success.