Award-winning Fota Island Spa launches exclusive new range of GROUND treatments, designed by Peigín Crowley

Wellness curator Peigín Crowley recently designed a series of products called GROUND, with a view to making wellness and self-care accessible to all. GROUND is a collection of 100% natural aromatherapy oils and balms to encourage mindful self-care – a gentle and reflective way to ‘tóg go bog é’. All of the products are handmade in small batches by Peigín in Ovens in Co. Cork, using pure botanical vegan ingredients, clean and green, organic where possible, blended with sincere intention to soothe the soul.

Ground Spa Products at Fota Island Resort

Now Fota Island Spa is delighted to launch a range of exclusive GROUND restorative rituals, created to encourage us all to tóg go bog é — to take it softly, and to mind ourselves.

 GROUND Rituals at Fota Island Spa have been created to celebrate the importance of taking space for sacred moments to mind yourself & be minded, to reconnect to source & replenish. Blending mindfulness — being fully present in our body — with breathwork, the power of touch, and the potent aromatherapy oils, GROUND Rituals at Fota Island Spa will invite this awareness while encouraging a relaxed & peaceful state, a return to self.

“It has been a wonderful experience to launch GROUND ‘hands-on therapy’ rituals with Fota Island Spa,” says creative aromatherapist and GROUND founder, Peigín Crowley, “especially in my own home town of Cork. We have been busy with Gosia and the Fota Island Spa team during lockdown finalising the treatments and rituals and we cannot wait to introduce them when spas are open again. Fota Island Resort, bedded into its spectacular natural landscape lends itself beautifully to the notion of grounded rituals and wellness retreats for those looking to restore and reset, spending time in nature.”


Relax with a Ground Spa Treatment

There are five gorgeous GROUND Rituals at Fota Island Spa — The Grounding Full Body Massage (50 mins, €105), The Grounding Ritual (65 mins, €125 or 80 mins, €150), The Restorative Face, Neck & Scalp Ritual (65 mins, €125), and The Comforting Ritual (65 mins, €125 pregnancy). Each GROUND Ritual at Fota Island Spa includes gentle breathwork, hands-on rhythmical pressures and techniques, including Gua Sha stones, and the compelling powers of aromatherapy oils. All these elements combine to create a mindful moment in time customised for you — a moment to be truly present in your body as you lean into relaxation and peacefulness.

GROUND Rituals, exclusively available at Fota Island Spa can be booked by calling 021 467 3131 or emailing spa@fotaisland.ie.