Here to play a pre-season friendly match with Cork City FC on Sunday 7th July, Premiership side West Ham United enjoyed a fantastic few days with us at the Fota Island Resort Hotel Cork, where they resided during their time in the area.

Making the most of our training facilities here at Fota Island Resort, the management, players and staff of West Ham were impressed by the top class training facilities in Cork, our warm welcome and our warm weather, and have uttered that they would be keen to return to Cork in the future.

In fact the players and management spent much of their spare time at our magnificent Cork golf club, playing friendly rounds of golf or like Joe Cole at the golf academy polishing up on their technique. Here Joe Cole talks to the Press from Fota Island Resort: http://youtu.be/XSmJfr4rVyc

For the few days that West Ham United were in the area, locals and tourists were buzzing with excitement and not even the final score of the match (6-2 to West Ham) could dampen the spirit of the Cork crowds.

As West Ham look ahead to the start of the new premiership season, just 4 weeks away when they will taken on Cardiff City at home on Saturday 17th August, we here at Fota Island would like to send them our best wishes for the season and look forward to welcoming them back to our Hotel and Spa in Cork soon.