The key to staying energised and focused on the course is to make sure your snacks combine high-fiber carbohydrates, lean protein and a healthy fat. By filling your golf bag with high-protein, high-fiber snacks, you’ll maintain energy and focus needed to sink your putts when it counts. And by staying hydrated, you’ll hit the ball strong and long till the end.

Ever wonder what the professionals eat before, during and after a round of golf? Well, here you go.

A sample diet of former world number 1, Nick Faldo.


Mueslie & banana

Porridge & Honey

Toast (wholemeal bread)

Bagel with banana

Pancakes (wholemeal flour)

Pre-match snacks (1-1.5 hours before):

Raisin muffin, rice cakes, bagels, wholemeal bread

Pre-match snacks (30 mins before):

Bananas, raisins, malt biscuits, jelly beans, energy bar (glucose) and carbohydrate drink (for energy)

Pre-match snacks (5-30 mins afterwards):

Carbohydrate drink, energy bar, fruit bar, bananas, jelly beans!

Pre-match meal (2 hours before)/Post match meal (evening):

Rice, Jacket Potato, Baked Beans, Noodles, Pasta, Bread (wholemeal, pitta, bagels), Fish (Tuna, Salmon), Chicken, Humous, Peanut butter, Ice Cream, Yoghurt.

At Fota Island Golf Club Cork, The Spike Bar is perfect for light snacks before you venture out or for stocking up and re-energising after 9 holes. Once you finish your round, our menu will ideally cater for your all important post golf meal. For more details of our menu, please click here.