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As we fast approach the transition period between winter and summer we start to notice a stretch in the evenings. The longer days usually mean warmer weather but so far this is not the case! It is forecasted that we will feel the effect of the huge cold front that has seized continental Europe by the end of the week. Thankfully the rain is predicted to ease off giving us the chance to enjoy out door pursuits with the aid of the appropriate attire. Now is the perfect time to get your golf clubs out after the winter break. For the majority of us who give golf second preference over the winter months it can be a frustrating period getting back onto the golf course at this time of year. I find myself that I am just starting too hit the ball where I want to as the season comes to an end. With the return of spring, I am back to square one and struggle with a lot of my shots. This year I have taken a different approach and have taken advantage of my position here in Fota Island Golf Resort Ireland by using the five star facilities at the Fota Island Golf Academy.

The first thing you notice about the academy is the setting. It is hidden away amongst a collection of distinct mature trees and is the perfect setting for relaxation as well as concentration. After reading a very interesting article about putting Dr. K Anders Ericsson’s theory that it takes 10,000 hours of deliberate practice to become an over-achiever in any specific field to the test, I started my preparation for the 2012 golf season by practicing my 2 foot putts.

One of the best features of the Fota Island Golf Academy is the indoor putting green and this is where I spent most of my first practice session of the new season. For the opposite spectrum of practice shots The Fota Island Golf Academy has ten covered bays which allow you to practice your iron, wood and driving shots safe from the elements. The Academy also houses two large teaching rooms with the latest hi-tech video and computer systems and a full array of teaching aids. Here are some handy tips that I’ve taken on board to try and improve my start to the new season.

The Fota Island Golf Academy is operated by a three man team, namely Kevin Morris, who is the Director of Golf here at Fota and PGA professionals Brain Kelleher and Ian Prendergast. Between the three there is a massive knowledge of the game with Kevin turning pro at the tender age of 16 and has had experience of teaching golf world wide, Brian having nine years of experience on the PGA tour and Ian who specializes in custom fitting golf clubs and the teaching of professional golf lessons in Cork. Here is a price list of what the academy has to offer for interested parties.

Along with getting back to the golf now is the time of year to see have we stayed true to our new year’s resolutions! Staying fit and healthy is all part of playing effective golf so I am told. Why not take a look at the Zumba Classes which promise to be a fun way to keep in shape.

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