Our new sauna provides another opportunity for our visitors to reconnect with nature and unwind after a long week. The sauna, which is surrounded by trees and plants, has a big picture window that allows you to relax while taking in the wonderful environment.

When you walk outside in your dressing robe, the sauna is placed among the trees in our Spa Garden, ensuring your peace and privacy. After a restful session in the sauna, chill off by standing in our outdoor shower, where the cold water will revitalize your skin before continuing your relaxing journey in the spa.

Saunas have long been used to provide a sensation of relaxation and with that comes many benefits. The heat from the sauna dilates our blood vessels and allows blood to flow freely throughout our bodies. Blood vessels assist in the restoration of your body as well as the enhancement of your strength and well-being.

After multiple uses of the sauna, tense muscles and sore joints can feel more relaxed. Another benefit of the sauna is the heated, dry air which opens our breathing passageways, helping us to breathe deeper and more effectively. It relaxes our lungs and relieves bronchitis and asthma symptoms. The high temperature of the sauna also encourages our bodies to sweat which is another way of eliminating toxins from our bodies helping us to feel more refreshed. To complete your session in the sauna, follow up with a cold shower from our standing shower. A cold shower after the warm dry air can help to boost circulation and further relax your muscles.

Our outdoor sauna is a valuable part of our spa experience, and it is available for all spa guests who are receiving spa treatments and visitors who wish to book the thermal suite.

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