Fota Island Spa Cork is delighted to announce the introduction of Touch Therapy an innovative and integrated approach to the specific needs of cancer patients.

Especially designed for people living with cancer, Touch Therapy is a series of safe and effective therapies to ease the burden of the many side effects of chemotherapy and radium treatment. An extremely gentle technique designed for individuals of any age in a more fragile physical condition, these specialised treatments can bring unparalleled relief in reducing some of the common side effects of cancer therapies.

The range of innovative Touch Therapy Treatments that we offer includes a: Facial Treatment, Chemo Comfort Therapy, Touch Therapy for Radiation Clients and Healing Manuka Honey Scalp & Face Massage and as part of each we include a 10 minutes consultation with one of our expert therapists who will tailor the treatment specifically for the needs of the individual.

The specialised Touch Therapy treatments were taught to the Fota Island Spa staff on site at our Fota Island Resort Hotel Cork by trainer Christine Clinton, who has completed the Medical Massage for Cancer Patients course at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York.

Pleased to offer this new range of Touch Therapy nurturing treatments using the effective products from the Lindi Skin Line, which have be developed specifically with the skincare needs of the cancer clients in mind. The balms, colling serums and moisturisers have been designed to soothe and benefit skin compromised by chemotherapy and radiation and have been FDA approved and clinically proven to lessen the burden of skin conditions associated with cancer treatments.

This advance Lindi Skin range was developed with the input of an advisory board of oncologists, dermatologists and cancer patients, and we are pleased to be able to announce that a selection of products from the Lindi Skin Line is available to buy from our Spa, for more information please contact the Spa reception on +353 (0) 21 488 3700

Committed to supporting cancer care, we at the Five Star Fota Island Resort Ireland are overjoyed to be able to now offer this innovative range of treatments and will donate €5 from every treatment to the Cork Cancer Research Centre.