The 5 star Fota Island Resort; Luxury Cork Hotel is offering its own lifestyle and weightless programme with its very own dedicated and experienced team of fitness and nutrition advisors.

Ideal for everyone – whether a group of employees who are looking to take on the challenge together or new mums looking for some support whilst you get back into shape, the Fota Island Resort Fitness Team can help.

A nine week course, The Fota Island Resort Weigh To Go Programme includes the following scheduled activities per person per week:

  • One 30 min personal training session
  • One specialise WTG circuit class
  • One other class, choose any class from our current timetable (spinning, bootcamp, etc)
  • Weekly weigh in, food diary and nutritional advice

Each individual has their own goal and targets and our expert trainers shall work with you for just €32 per person per week, and when the nine weeks are up, we can organise a celebration 5k race, where the winner as well as the person who has lost the most weight will both be awarded with a star prize.

For more information or to book your place in Fota Island Resorts Weigh To Go Programme, telephone 021 488 3700 or email spa@fotaisland.ie