Next Steps

So what did I do when I was first told I would be in charge of the LinkedIn account for Fota Island Resort? Researched! I logged in to Google and looked up how to manage a company page and to be honest everything I found was really helpful. LinkedIn itself provides a really useful introductory leaflet that explains the benefits of LinkedIn for a company and also how to get the most out of it.

Over time I have realised that one social media outlet is not always the same as another, for example in LinkedIn it is more difficult to increase the number of followers you have as opposed to Facebook. Confused at first by this difference and worried how I was to show the actual success of the company page every week to my mentor, I realised after some time that this in face does make sense for this particular social media platform. As LinkedIn is a place where people can connect with other people who are like minded and will hopefully help them further their career in their chosen area, bombarding users every day with invitations from companies and people alike to join them would in fact defeat the purpose of what it stands for and there would be none of the sense and logic present that makes LinkedIn what it is.

However, that is not to say that people should not be looking for companies that they are interested in. I follow companies all the time on LinkedIn because it provides you with more information – be it job news or otherwise on what they are doing and I therefore hope that the company page at Fota Island Resort will be able to offer up to date information that will draw people to follow us.

Next week I make even more progress with the company’s LinkedIn account and I will be giving information and advice on how to become an Administrator for the company page!