The recent news that we will have for the first time our first ever Challenge Series Sprint Duathlon, may have got you thinking about putting on your runners and dusting off your bicycle for some impromptu practice or consider applying and competing in this little sport in the future.

Many of us here in Cork City may have never heard of or seen a Duathlon before as it tends to be lesser known than their more famous cousin the Triathlon. Duathlon’s are a great way to get into shape and feature two diverse forms of exercise accessible to most of us: running and cycling. In Duathlon’s you can run 5km, jump on a bike and cycle for the next 35km cycle ran before jumping into running for the final 5km leg. And as our upcoming race will show, they offer a fantastic way to take in the outdoors and fresh air whilst challenging yourself and achieving personal goals. As the premier hotel near Cobh, participants will also be able to experience the beauty of the Great Island set in the heart of Cork Harbour.

Whilst you need a certain level of fitness to successfully navigate the course and the timing of the race may be too late for some of us, this competition, new to the scenic surrounds of on of the finest luxury hotels in Cork, might just be the sporting occasion that could spur many of us into action and consider taking up a new sport or fitness goal.

Many of us may have started the gym or taken up a diet and exercise routine with the goal of shedding excess pounds gathered over the holidays or over the years, having a particular fitness goal such as completing a race (a Duathlon or Triathlon) is a great way to spur us on further. Having a set goal to aim for, such as of taking part and completing a particular event or sport, is a great motivator to get into shape and keep up the positive health and fitness changes already started. Plus the sport opens up a wide range of opportunities to meet new people and experience new things.

So if news of our upcoming race have you contemplating taking part in Duathlon’s and races, then why not try upping your fitness levels at the local gym or leisure centre whether it be hitting the treadmill or the exercise bike, taking in some spinning classes or trying out our outdoor bootcamps amid the scenic surrounds of Fota Island golf hotel in Cork.

While for many of us the upcoming Duathlon in Fota Island Resort may come about too soon to take part, it will offer us a great spectator event even if the temptation of our renowned Afternoon Tea might be too much to handle well you cheer on the athletes. And for many it might prove just the sport to spur us on to a fitter and healthier 2014 with the goal of being ready and prepared for next years event.

If you wish to take part then you have until 5pm on the 27th February to enter the event through the Triathlon Ireland website by clicking here.

Challenge Series Duathalon at Fota island Resort - Saturday, 1st March