Executive Chef Neil Foster offers some useful easy to follow guidelines to help make the experience of cooking at home more enjoyable.

Remain in control! You need to stay focused on the task at hand in order to be a successful chef. The greater the focus the greater the return. Understand the order of your recipe, what ingredients to add and when to add them. This leads back to taking the time to plan your recipe.

Taste your dish as your preparing it. By tasting your dish at each stage you can improve the flavour and texture adding exponentially to the overall dining experience.

Be sure to control the heat throughout the cooking process. To successfully achieve this you also need to understand the tools you are using and how they react to the heat, such as the type of pan be it copper, cast iron etc…

Take note of what works when you’re cooking a dish but also what doesn’t work. This will help improve the dish next time you attempt the recipe.

Tidy and clean up as you go. This way when it comes to the clean up it’s not as bad as it may seem 🙂

Most importantly, enjoy the experience!