I was built a long time ago in a small village located to the northwest of Cork City. In the 10th century I was constructed in wood and around 1210, the wood was replace by a stone structure. But if you come to see me any day you will see my third face: that was built by Dermot McCarty in 1446, the King of Munster.

You have probably heard about the legend that says there are three secret passageways leading out from the castle, one leading to the lake, another to Cork and the last to Kerry? But I won’t tell you the truth now, I would prefer to let your imagination work and dream. Indeed when Lord Broghill laid siege to the castle to take the gold, he broke the tower walls, forced his way in but when he got inside there was nobody there and no gold. All the men disappeared… by one of the passageways underneath the castle.

If you go to the gardens, now called Rock Close you will see The Witch Stone where it is said that the Witch of Blarney is imprisoned during the day. So many souls have wandered between my stones.

More recently famous people in the world have come to kiss me such as Sir Winston Churchill, Laurel and Hardy, Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones. And every year lots of pilgrims come to kiss me, so much that I can not tell you the exact number. They all want to receive the power of eloquence and ‘the gift of the gab’! If you want to kiss my stone you will have to climb 100 steps before joining the top, and be careful my steps are very narrow as people used to be smaller in the past.

If you want to have a walk, you can go to visit the poison garden and the Rock Close where you could observe plenty of Celtic vestiges such as giant Dolmens, Wishing Steps, an ancient Druids circle or sacrificial altar, the kitchen fire of the Witch. Many of the trees are extremely ancient. You can also walk to Blarney House.

If you want to visit me it will cost you €10 if you are a student and €12 for an adult. The castle is located just 8km from Cork City. If you have time you should go to the Blarney Woollen Mills which is one of Irelands leading stockist of Aran Sweaters, Irish Gifts, Claddagh Rings, Waterford Crystal and Irish Sweaters, Fisherman Sweaters and Celtic Jewelry.

Guessed who I am yet?

À bientôt,