Hi readers!

For my fourth blog I have chosen to speak about a painting, as art is a keen interest of mine. The canvas I have chosen to speak about has a typically Irish theme: This is an oil on board (11”x14”) called :the Tall Tale and the painter is Martin Driscoll.

He began drawing in New York City. Most of his work is composed of Irish themed paintings. I really love his paintings because something emerges from the canvas, we can imagine them moving and speaking as we can try to guess their thoughts thanks to their facial expressions. I love these kinds of painting because you can create a story and make your imagination work. The second man from the left seems to be lost in his thoughts: his look is empty and frozen, maybe he drank too much? Maybe he is looking at something or someone behind the bar that makes him dream? Maybe he is worried? Anyway he seems to be lost in his own world. We notice that he is wearing a tie; are all the men in Ireland as well dressed going to a bar?

Not at all, just have a look of this other picture I found on the internet: I don’t think so, maybe he just came out of work? We note that he is smoking too.  Are they all friends? The two men from each part of the second from the left are speaking obviously, the first one is frowning so maybe the music is too high? Maybe the people in the bar are too noisy and furthermore he is a bit deaf so he can not hear very well? Or maybe he is always like that because he start to be old and he has never be someone very pleasant? The features of his face are hard and austere. The third man at first sight seems to be kind, he is wearing a hat and hold his Guinness with his two hands, we notice that he has starting to drink his glass. What are they speaking about… is it serious conversation or banality, gossip? Probably about women or sport! Speaking about there respective wife and children, the weather? About the old woman of the village that is sick and that is not having her entire head? Anyway but the 4th man seems to be interested about the discussion. His head is oriented toward the two men. Is he just listening by curiosity? Does he want to take part of the conversation? He seems to be younger than the others, his hair is black and bald on the top, he might be in his 40’s. The last man get ready to drink his pint, he has a smiling face and seems to be happy to be there. The thing he is watching is probably very interesting, maybe it is a person? We don’t know if they just arrive but maybe we can say yes: all the glasses are quite full and there are eight pints for five people.

This painting is very alive and realistic. The painter shows us the view behind the bar… maybe he wants us to be put in the barman place? Or the waitress behind the bar looking at those men every day at the same time? I have found that bars in Ireland are not only places to go out but also places to socialise where you can speak about every topic: from banalities to philosophy about the world, drink, and meet other people.

That’s all for this week, hoping to see you next time! And do not hesitate to tell me what you think of my blog!

À bientôt !