Fota Island Spa Hotel Cork now offers advanced waxing using a new and amazing Hot Wax System for all bikini, facial and underarm treatments. The new Lycon Rosette Hot Wax and Lycojet Lavender Hot Wax aims to bring you total customer satisfaction by leaving you with that smooth flawless finish and silky feeling.

This Australian Wax System has also taken Hollywood by storm and is popular with glamorous stars such as Uma, Demi, Posh and Sienna.

Lycon boasts a list of the finest natural ingredients, resins and aromatherapy oils which allow it to deliver superior performance, removing stubborn and short hair from as short as 1mm. This innovative wax contains various essential oils which nurture and sooth the skin, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Unlike other waxes the Lycon wax requires a low temperature. This low temperature and pliable wax promises to give you a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment. One last but striking benefit is that Lycon wax can be re-applied on just waxed areas instantly, without causing you any discomfort or skin irritation.

Lycon has been featured on Xpose, The Afternoon Show, Off The Rails, Image, Ireland AM, Irish Times, Sunday Independent as well as Marie Claire, Bazar, OK and GQ.

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