Today when it comes to modern themed hen parties there is a wide choice of options and themes available. And nowadays hen parties are not simply confined to a themed night out in town with a group of female friends wandering from restaurant to a variety of pubs en route to a nightclub. The stereotype of a hen party being confined to a wild girly night on the town is just one approach, with many modern hen parties often taking place in a hotel or locale where a day of unwinding and pampering in the surrounds of one of the most luxurious spa hotels in Ireland offers a welcome change to running about town.

Basing your hen party in one of the leading 5 star hotels in Cork comes with many perks all wrapped up in one spot allowing groups of family and friends to enjoy a tranquil day together with everything they may need all at their fingertips. Think about it, if ones hen party is situated in various hotspots and locations around a town or city, it can quickly get chaotic or stressful in no time as individuals can inevitably get lost or cut off from the group at inopportune times. Also trying to locate individual places that incorporate everything you want in a fun night out can prove difficult.

Hen Party ideas at Fota Island Resort Hotel in Cork

When planning a hen party remember that the point is to organize a fun and relaxing event for old friends to get together, enjoy themselves and remember the good times. On a hen night the last thing anyone wants to be doing is getting stressed out, trying to figure out where to go for dinner, what to do next and worrying about whether they’ll end up losing people on the way. A hen night should above all else be a fun and relaxing day and night. It shouldn’t be an occasion where one is getting stressed out over uncertain venues and missing members.

If unsure of what you want exactly but are definite about enjoying a worry free party where relaxing and unwinding, being pampered and looked after whilst having fun and laughing about the good and bad times with all your closest female friends is the order, then investing in an affordable stress free hen party package from a reputable luxury hotel is a great alternative to a night on the town. Such a package specifically tailored to your groups needs can incorporate all the best and essentials elements of a great girls night out and all in one place.

With hotel hen party packages you have accommodation, bars, restaurants and, if you choose the right hotel, luxury spa and leisure centers for the ultimate in pampering and luxury options all on your doorstep. And another important benefit to choosing to have ones hen party in a hotel, such as our five star resort in Ireland, is that they and which can provide you with an individual service and hen party package, specifically catered to you and your entourage’s individual needs, that is second to none.

With everything at your fingertips and a wide choice of options and party themes (pampering party availing of the hotel beauty and spa treatments, a sophisticated food and wine-tasting party, a fun slumber party/girly night in theme or mystery game theme parties and much more) available a hen party set in a Cork hotel can be the perfect worry free fun solution for your needs. Remember the aim of the hen party is to spend quality time together with your closest female friends prior to your big day. Time that should be spent unwinding from everyday stress thanks to a rejuvenating spa break, laughing, reminiscing and above all having fun with the beauty of choosing a luxury hotel such as Fota Island Resort for a hen party is that everything is waiting for you to enjoy, whenever you’re ready!