Have you ever been deceived by a Golf Myth? It may seem harmless but it could seriously impact on your game. I visited the Pro-Shop this week to get the truth behind some common golf myths that are out there.

#1 Keep your head down

It’s a widespread belief when playing  golf that you must keep your head down because by lifting your head you may miss or top the ball.

Verdict: Myth

Truth: When you keep your head down you often forget to follow and turn as you hit the ball, which can cause transfer of weight and also lead to a lack of distance. Worse again it restricts the backswing and the downswing resulting in a swing that is too tight and one that also restrains your extension.

Advice: Your head should naturally follow through and go with the momentum of the swing. So loosen up and go with the flow!  Have a look at the Pros in action and watch as their heads turn and rotate towards the target before they strike.

Ryder Cup 2010 day 4 highlights  


#2 The longer my driver is, the further I’ll be able to hit.

Verdict: It is true to a certain extent!

Truth: Many believe that a longer club creates a longer and wider arc and increases the speed the head will travel at. However the disadvantage of playing with a longer driver is that it is more difficult to control and achieve accuracy. The length of the club is the main factor in achieving driver accuracy. Many golfers play with drivers that are in fact too long. Did you know that the average PGA Tour Players plays with a 44.5″ long driver!

Advice: Custom fitting is advised.  You can get your driver checked at the Pro-Shop to make sure that it is the correct length for you.



#3 The lower the loft, the further the ball will go

Verdict: Myth but this can be achieved if you have the equivalent swing speed to match.

Truth: However the lower the loft the more difficult it is to launch the ball in the air. It is the loft that determines the distance a driver can be hit. In actual fact, the lower the swing speed, the higher the loft needs to be.

Advice: The right loft matched with the correct shaft can help achieve this.  Feel free to pop into the Pro-Shop or the Golf Academy where you can get your swing speed measured and find out what driver is right for you. 


#4 Flex ratings are all the same

Verdict: Myth

Truth: Flex ratings are not all the same.  They come in Ladies, Seniors, Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff. Flex rates should be measured according to your swing speed.  The wrong flex rating can’t create correct flight in the ball.  A shaft that is too stiff will cause you to slice the ball and a shaft that is too whippy will cause you to hook the ball.

Advice: To find out the flex rating of your shaft you can visit the golfers in the Fota Island Pro Shop, who will be able to tell you what stiffness is correct for your swing.



#5 To hit a good shot, you must get under the ball

Verdict: Myth

Truth: This actually causes a person to top the ball and come out of posture. Remember the function of the loft is to get the ball in the air and it is not the golfer’s job to try and lift the ball.

Advice: Hit down through the ball and let the loft to all the work.