With the long summer evenings behind us, it could be time to prepare for those autumn/winter months ahead by treating yourself or loved one to a well deserved spa treatment.

At our luxury spa in Cork, we have researched and selected the most on-trend treatments and pride ourselves on delivering distinctive style and spirit because there is nothing like a rejuvenating spa break to make the winter months pass a little faster.

Revive Your Skin

The colder weather can have a detrimental effect on your skin. The bitter wind and winter chill dries out your visage, resulting in dull and tired looking skin. A refreshing oxygenating facial will give your skin a much-needed boost of vitamins, resulting in a beautiful healthy glow.

Detox and Boost Your Energy Levels

Shorter days and darker evenings can have a significant impact on your mental health and overall mood. De-stressing with a relaxing spa day is the perfect way to unwind. A full body massage is guaranteed to boost those endorphins and leave you walking on air.

Spend Quality Time with a Loved One

A gift voucher for an indulgent spa break makes a totally thoughtful Christmas present. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a break from your daily routine and chill out with your nearest and dearest. Most spa packages include a delicious lunch or Afternoon Tea as part of the experience. Winning!

Prep Your Summer Bikini Body

They say summer bodies are made during winter. So, that means no slacking when it comes to priming those legs. A rejuvenating spa break during the winter months to get some essential beauty treatments will leave you feeling fabulous.